Hucai Sportswear

How to make a sample? What is the process of your company?
Over 10-year experience manufacturer of sportswear & yoga wear, we can provide professional ODM & OEM services.

Customers can completely customize, including design, size, logo and so on. Even fabrics can be selected according to your needs. If customers need to develop new fabrics, we will do our best to help find them.

The concrete steps of making the sample are as follows:
1. Confirmation of design, size, logo.
2. Choosing fabrics. Photo color cards or send color cards to confirm fabrics and colors.
3. Making patterns. If necessary, customers can provide their own detailed sizes.
4. Buying cloth. Customers can ask for confirmation of patterning cloth.
5. Cutting cloth and printing or embroidery.
6. After printing or embroidery cutting pieces come back, take photos to customers to confirm.
7. Samples are sewn and sent out after taking photos to confirm that they are correct.