What is the advantages and disadvantages of different processes?

What is the advantages and disadvantages of different processes?

What is the advantages and disadvantages of different processes?


1.   What is Four Stitches and Six Threads?

Four stitches and six threads are mainly used for joining and joining of seams. The stitching is internationally recognized ISO607 stitching. It has strong dynamic sensibility.It consists of four surface lines, one bottom line and one Hashu thread. It has unique high elasticity, flat and high strength stitching effect, is widely used in high-grade sportswear, yoga clothes, underwear. 

Four Stitches and Six Threads -Hucai Sportswear

2.   What is the advantage of Laser Cutting?

Laser can slightly melt the cutting edges of fabrics with high polyester or polyamide content,thus forming a fusion edge that does not scatter edges. The cutting edges canbe untreated (no trimming stop and no folding). Laser cutting technology uses laser knife instead of metal knife and scientific and reasonable mechanical design to achieve cutting speed of more than 40 meters per minute. It runs smoothly, cuts fine and clean, and has powerful functions.

In addition, it is very difficult to engrave leather materials with common cutting tools or carve various decorative characters or patterns on the surface of leather. Laser cutting technology can "engrave" many micro-holes on artificial leather materials which are hard to be detected by naked eyes, thus greatly improving the permeability and durability of materials and improving the product grade.

Laser Cutting -Hucai Sportswear

3.   What is the advantages and disadvantages of various printing and embroidery?


a. Flat Screen Printing

Advantages: delicate design, reflective and not easy to elute, cheap

Disadvantage: sticky for a long time, poor air permeability, no sense of hierarchy

Flat Screen Printing -Hucai Sportswear

b. Digital Printing

Advantages: Finepattern, no fading in general; non-sticky, non-reflective, matte air permeability is better than screen printing

Disadvantage: Layerless, slightly more expensive than screen printing

Digital Printing -Hucai Sportswear

c. Silicone Printing

Advantages: Strong stereoscopic sense

Disadvantage: Single color, generally silver gray, poor air permeability, expensive

Silicone Printing -Hucai Sportswear

d. Bronzing, Hot Silver

Advantages: Special effects can be achieved

Disadvantage: airtight, expensive

Bronzing -Hucai Sportswear

e. Water Print

Advantages: Very soft, non-reflective, delicate design, low price, good air permeability

Disadvantage: The color is not bright enough, can not be printed on dark clothes, can only be printed on light ones

Water Print -Hucai Sportswear


a. Flat Embroidery

Advantages: strong stereoscopic sense, good gloss

Disadvantage: expensive, uncomfortable to wear

Flat Embroidery -Hucai Sportswear

b. Applique

Advantages: good hierarchy, concave and convex feeling

Disadvantage: expensive

Applique -Hucai Sportswear

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