What Can I Do If There Is Problems With The Order?

What Can I Do If There Is Problems With The Order?

What Can I Do If There Is Problems With The Order?
What Can I Do If There Is Problems With The Order?

Some people may have a doubt that it is really risk to do business online because they did not know you before except see your website on the internet.And they do not know what to do if there are problems with their orders.As a professional gym apparel manufacturer,Hucai Sportswear promise to provide after sale service for all of our customers in regard to the quality,quantity and shipping problem etc.Below lets introduce some process to apply for after sale service.

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1. Collecting Information

1). Customers need to provide relevant photos for clothing quality problems raised by customers, such as logo problems, thread burst, color difference, etc.

2). For the clothing size problem raised by the customer, the customer needs to measure the clothing according to our clothing measurement standard and take a photo to confirm

3). For the problem of lost items (the broken outer box and the insufficient number of clothes) raised by the customer, the customer needs to provide the outer box photos and inventory the actual receipt quantity

4). For the actual receipt quantity proposed by the customer is less than the order quantity (the outer box is not damaged), the customer needs to check according to the packing list provided by us (how many pieces are missing for a box, a style, a color and a certain code), If the missing quantity is greater than 3, the customer needs to provide the weight of the receiving box.

2.Feedback To Manager

If the salesperson receives the customer's after-sales problem, it will be reported to the manager first, and the manager will give guidance on the actual problem.

3.Negotiate With The Customers

Once we have the solutions,The salesperson will contact with customers and chat about the solution and finally solve the after sale problems.

Contact information:

E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com