How Much Is Our Sample Cost

How Much Is Our Sample Cost

How Much Is Our Sample Cost

The cost of developing custom samples of sportswear depends on the fabric, process, the number of logo colors and the size of the logo you use. The average sample price is about $70.

For example: Yoga Pants customization, monochrome fabric, monochrome logo, logo with heat transfer process, logo length and width 4cm * 4cm, sample development cost is $50.

So the sample development fee depends on your customized conditions, and the price will be very reasonable. Of course, our excellent sales staff will provide you with more professional advice. Please contact our sales staff for details.(when you use customized sportswear samples for mass production up to 300 pieces, the sample fee will be returned in full)

As one of the best custom sportswear suppliers in China, Hucai has been focusing on producing high quality custom sportswear for its customers. Hucai offers a one-stop sportswear custom design service to help brands enter the sportswear market at the fastest speed. If you have any questions, welcome to consult, we will have a professional salesman for one to one answer.


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