HUCAI Sportswear Fabric Guide

HUCAI Sportswear Fabric Guide

HUCAI Sportswear Fabric Guide
HUCAI Sportswear Fabric Guide
HUCAI Sportswear Fabric Guide

The reason why I started writing this news is: When chatting with customers, I will find that newbies who are first involved in the fitness clothing industry are naturally at a loss when trying to choose sportswear fabrics.


Hucai sportswear has therefore produced this handy guide for your reference. This should be the answer you are looking forward to.


We all hope that sportswear and the fabrics that make them have three main qualities-comfort, elasticity and breathability. Of course there are other features, but they are not that important. Let's take a look at some conventional fabrics below:


Tight-fitting sports bras/leggings and the like need to absorb moisture and perspiration, can stretch and still maintain the shape of the fabric. Conventional fabric:

Pure color: 86% nylon 14% spandex / 73%polyester 27% spandex

Digital printing: 73%polyester 27% spandex

*The fabric weight is generally 280gsm-300gsm


Men's and women's tank top, T-shirts and light tops (sports and leisure)

Conventional fabric: 90% polyester 10% spandex / 60% nylon 30%polyester 10% spandex

*The cloth weight is generally 140gsm-250gsm


Men's and women's sweaters

The fabric composition of autumn and winter clothing is similar to that of summer clothing, except that the thickness of the fabric is different from the pattern. The weight of the fabric is generally 250gsm-350gsm.

Conventional fabric:

Non-elasticity category: 100% cotton

CVC (the fabric only contains polyester and cotton, and the cotton content is more than 65%) 65%cotton 35%polyester

Elastic category: 95% cotton 5% spandex

65% cotton 30% polyester 5% spandex

90% bamboo fiber 10% spandex

95% modal 5% spandex

86% nylon 14% spandex


Of course, not only these, we can also purchase fabrics according to your requirements.


Do you understand? If you need any help or guidance on which fabric is best for your business and output, or about our latest design wholesale gym wear, or if you have your own design concept that you want to become a reality, you can contact us !



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