The commen workmanships used in clothing making

The commen workmanships used in clothing making


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The commen workmanships used in clothing making

We write this post because many people do not understand

how do clothing are made and which kind of technics they

use.Below are the common workmanship we use for yoga 

wear and sportswear.If you are interested in know more 

about these technics or would like to build your own clothing

brand.Please feel free to contact!

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1.This technics is laser cut which can be used to dig holes on

clothing such as tank top,shorts and yoga pants.

Hucai Sportswear  

2.This is 4 needles and 6 lines which is usually used to sew 

yoga pants because it is both looks good and very stretchable.

Hucai Sportswear

3.This is adhesive seal zipper.If you bought the present 

hot sale Nike products,You will find this is the same tech as

Nike.We can do this kind of tech for your products if you like.

Hucai Sportswear

4.This is silicon gel printing which is very different from 

screen printing or heat transfer.You can print your logo

like this if you like.

Hucai sportswear

5.This is sublimation printing which is usually used to 

printing a pattern on a whole clothing.The color does

not fade even after many times if washing.

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6.This is heat transfer logo.The logo is reflective in dark

environment.Nike usually print this kind of logo.