Yoga is a kind of beneficial sport, but is it suitable for everyone?

Yoga is a kind of beneficial sport, but is it suitable for everyone?


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Yoga is a kind of beneficial sport, but is it suitable for everyone?
With 20 years manufacturering experience, we are a professional yoga clothing manufacturer and know much about yoga. Here are some suggestions about yoga.

Yoga is suitable for most people, but the following groups are not suitable for yoga:
Firstly, after middle age, the ligaments and joints degenerate and the muscles are stiff. Without strong muscle protection and support, it is difficult to practice yoga forcibly. This is undoubtedly a huge challenge to the already fragile cervical spine and vertebra, which easily leads to muscle strain and vertebral dislocation. Unless you have been practicing yoga since childhood, your body is very flexible.
Second, there are already patients with osteoporosis, especially women with severe osteoporosis. Because of the decrease of bone hardness and the increase of brittleness, slight neglect in yoga practice may lead to compressive fracture or vertebral fracture.
Third, patients with cervical and lumbar diseases. If you practice some yoga movements, such as ploughing, it is easy to cause disc herniation or the original condition is more serious.
Fourth, patients with cardiovascular disease or obesity. If the action is intense, such as doing inverted movements, it is likely to make the heart burden increased and cause discomfort.
Yoga is a good exercise to relax the body and mind. For the spine, moderate yoga exercises can relax and stretch the muscles, strengthen the muscle ligaments and ligaments, so as to make the vertebral joints stable. In this sense, yoga has a certain role in protecting the spine.

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