Understand the three taboos, four methods and five suggestions of yoga practice.

Understand the three taboos, four methods and five suggestions of yoga practice.


Do you know how to pratice Yoga is the best way to make our bodies heathier? Let's come together. Understand the three taboos, four methods and five suggestions of yoga practice.

Understand the three taboos, four methods and five suggestions of yoga practice.

With 20 years manufacturering experience, we are a specialist of fitness yoga wear and know much about yoga. Here are some suggestions about yoga.


There are many people around us wholike the way of yoga to make their bodies healthier. Especially for femalefriends, more and more female friends like to practice yoga. Then do you knowhow to do is the best way? Let's come together. Understand the three taboos,four methods and five suggestions of yoga practice.

First, never neglect breathing.

Yoga practitioners believe thatbreathing is the link between body and mind. If the breath is unstable, themind is unstable; if the breath is stable, the mind is stable. Therefore, ifpeople want to get a motionless mind, they should control their breathing.

Real practice, breathing is slow andnatural.

Every stretch of the body iscontrolled by breathing.

The duration of each posture isdetermined by breathing.

Whether or not each exercise reachesyour limit is determined by breathing.

When practicing, all consciousnessshould be focused on breathing. Every pose, except for the teacher's request,needs to hold your breath to complete the exercise.

Second, avoid neglecting details.

Yoga is a subtle art and subject. Nomatter how many yoga poses there are, each pose has its own points. As long asyou practice to reach these points, your practice will be effective.

The harmony of yoga postures comesfrom the harmony of strength.

The harmony of strength comes from theharmony of muscle and bone and ilium.

The harmony between muscles and iliacbones comes from the details of the body both locally and holistically.

Therefore, yoga practice should paymore attention to details. Through constant and correct practice, in theprocess of body exploration, awareness is also growing, which is what yogawants to give us.

Third, not to neglect rest technique.

A complete yoga class, includingasanas, breathing and rest techniques.

The purpose of asanas is to getthrough the energy channel of the body, while breathing is to transfer theenergy of the body to all parts of the body, but the last rest technique canreally increase the energy of the body's Qi and blood.

Although the rest technique is asimple corpse, only 15 minutes, but this 15 minutes of corpse style, the effectis equivalent to hours of unconscious ordinary sleep.

Four methods:

1. Practice yoga with your ears

Listen to the teacher's command withyour ears. A yoga teacher will tell you the details and pain points of a posethrough the command. And after you have received the teacher's command, don'tlook around, focus on your own practice experience.

Yoga is to connect our differentaspects, to feel every part of the body, as well as our spirits and emotions.

2. Practice yoga with your eyes

Pay more attention to the teacher'sstyle guidance, pay attention to details, and think about how you shouldimprove.

Focus on your current practice. That'sthe real yoga. When looking at the distance, don't neglect the road under yourfeet.

3. Practice yoga with your mouth

Those who can be yoga teachers musthave an honest and kind heart. They are polite, generous, like and believe inyoga, and all of them have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

Talk to your yoga teacher more aboutthe problems you encounter and how you feel when you practice asanas. Believeme, your teacher will be happy to answer your questions.

4. Practice yoga with heart

Yoga is about the cultivation ofbeauty. Please treat every yoga lesson, every exercise, every posture and everybreath with your heart.

Whether it is worship of the sun, orposture and breathing, the purpose of yoga is to transform the mind, to convertthe mind, to body awareness, from impetuosity to quietness, from confusion toawakening, from dullness to sensitivity.

Five suggestions:

1. Don't let Yoga just stay in class.

Yoga is not only a practice, but alsoa cultivation. Don't let your yoga practice only stay in the classroom for 75minutes. Take Yoga out of the classroom and integrate it into your life.

Article 33 of the Samadhi chapter ofthe Yoga Sutra: "Cultivate a friendly attitude to be happy, showcompassion for unhappiness, rejoice in having good morality and ignore evil, sothat the mind can remain undisturbed and peaceful."

You may not practice Yoga outside theclassroom, but in the form of yoga: non-violence, honesty, non-theft,abstinence, non-greed, treat the people, things, and everything around you.

2. Adjusting exercises according toone's own physical condition. 

Yoga can't be done, as long as you can do itaccording to your strength.

In a yoga class, the teacher must takecare of the degree of all the students to arrange the postures, which leads tothe possibility that some postures are really not suitable for you. You mustlearn to control the exercises by yourself, and you must not reluctantly do so.

3. Focus only on your own exercises, nocomparison with others.

A yoga lesson, because everyone'sphysical condition and practice time is different, a certain style, others cando perfectly, you can't.

It doesn't matter. Be at ease withyour practice and find the way that suits you. You should know that asanas arejust a tool. If we compare too much, we will be slaves of tools.

4. Practice without attachment to yoga,wait for the result of the exercise.

Be comfortable with your yoga practiceand don't stick to the changes yoga brings. Not obsessed with losing weight,not obsessed with softening, or becoming more aware.

The important thing in yoga is to give up the persistent mind, which is like a cage that will trap you. Acceptyourself, good or bad. Yoga helps you to live a better life, and asanas serve you. Don't force yourself, practice in accordance with the feeling of personal strength on that day, know how to enjoy it! Only under pressure, can you get wonderful results.

5. Yoga is not a universal beauty.

You also need self-discipline.

Yoga is not omnipotent.

You can't eat and drink too much and ask yoga to give you a slim figure.

You can't fall asleep at 3 a.m. and ask yoga to give you a hundredfold of spirit.

You can't be sick and avoid medical treatment, but also ask yoga to return your health and physique.

Perhaps we have misunderstood yoga and are still looking forward to its giving. Yoga is just a key to open your heart. Whether it is healthy or not, whether it is good or not, is aimed at your inner choice.

Practice yoga every day. I hope these three taboos, four methods and five suggestions can better guide your yoga practice and make a little progress every day.

For those ways of yoga, we must follow the right way to do is the best, otherwise it will bring great harm to our body, affect our body, health to our body and learning, bring great trouble. Yoga can strengthen our body, but also bring great flexibility to our body, so we should actively improve in peacetime.

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