What material is a good choice for Yoga clothes?

What material is a good choice for Yoga clothes?


The hygroscopicity of viscose fiber meets the physiological requirements of human skin. It has the characteristics of smooth, cool, breathable, antistatic,brilliant color and good dyeing fastness.

What material is a good choice for Yoga clothes?

Viscose fibers are preferred. 

Also known as plant cellulose fibers, Modal, bamboo fibers are viscose fibers, green fibers extracted from natural plants. 

The moisture content is the most suitable for human skin to meet the requirements of humidity, and at the same time, it is more in line with human health requirements than other fibers. The softness of viscose fibers is better than that of cotton, Lyocell and other chemical fibers. 

Composition is composed of carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). Under the action of natural sunlight and water, cellulose will degrade slowly until it decomposes, which is harmless to human beings and nature. 

With a small amount of spandex to increase elasticity (spandex can be used to meet the comfort requirements of clothing can be stretched. For example: professional sportswear, fitness clothes, exercise clothing, diving suit, etc.) Then SKIN GORETEX suction and drainage. High moisture absorbent polyester fabric is now widely used in sports, outdoor, fitness clothing manufacturing. 

Although this material is not pure natural material, it has one advantage: after sweating, its sweating ability is better than cotton and hemp, and it will not stick to the body because of wet clothes and pants, which may be eczema for a long time, more uncomfortable.

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