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How to maintain yoga clothes with different fabrics?

Time: 2019-03-13
Summary: How do you maintain your yoga clothes or sportswear? First of all, we need to understand the fabric it uses. According to the different characteristics of the fabric, the maintenance methods are also different.
How do you maintain your
1. Good hygroscopicity, soft feel and comfortable wear.
2. The wet strength is greater than the flat strength, but it is strong and durable as a whole.
3. The hemp fibers have poor rigidity and cohesion.
4. Mercerized cotton can be made by alkali-resistant and heat-resistant alkali treatment.
5. Wrinkle resistance is poor, shrinkage rate is large and easy to deform.
Maintenance methods:
1. Don't expose to the sun for a long time, so as not to reduce the fastness and cause discoloration.
2. Wash and dry, separate dark and light colors.
3. Pay attention to ventilation and avoid dampness and mildew.
4. Don't soak your underwear in hot water to avoid yellow sweat spots.
Characteristic: Good elasticity and wear resistance; Disadvantage is insolation resistance and easy aging.
Maintenance methods:
1. Ironing temperature should not exceed 110 degrees Celsius.
2. Ironing must be steam, not dry.
Characteristic: good air permeability, unique cool, non-sticky; shortcomings are rough feel, easy to pill, easy to wrinkle, easy to generate static electricity.
Maintenance method: basically the same as cotton fabric.
It mainly weaves elastic fabrics. It can be used to make underwear, swimming suit, tights, sportswear, clothing with elastic parts. It has poor hygroscopicity and good dyeing.
Features: High strength, good elasticity, strength is 4 times that of cotton fiber. Elasticity is close to wool, heat resistance and thermal stability are good, in synthetic fiber fabrics is the best. Polyester has smooth surface, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
In terms of overall performance, NYLON is superior to polyester in terms of wear resistance, stress, colour fastness, gloss, moisture absorption and sweat elimination.

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