Why the Rise of Laser Cutting?

Why the Rise of Laser Cutting?


Laser cutting is a technology of fabric cutting using laser beam. This means that the cut edges can be untreated (no trimming stop and no folding).

Laser beams are used in the latest fabric cutting technology. For those fabrics with high polyester or polyamide content, laser cutting adds more advantages, because the high temperature of laser melts the cutting edge of such fabrics, thus forming a kind of containment edge that will not scatter edges.

In the computer embroidery and cloth toy industries, it is necessary to use knife dies to cut all kinds of materials. The production cost of knife mould is high and the production time is long. If the size needs to be adjusted, the original die can hardly be used. In particular, the effect of cutting cloth with knife dies is not ideal. It is easy to strip cloth due to edge deformation and bluntness, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the operation of the later process. When small batch orders are met, the influence of tool die on production cost will be more obvious.


With laser cutting technology, the above problems can be solved easily. Especially for those fabrics with high content of polyester or polyamide, the advantages of laser cutting will be more obvious. Because the laser can melt the edges of this kind of material slightly, it forms a kind of weld edge that can not spread edges, and the cutting edge can be untreated (no trimming stop and no folding). Laser cutting technology replaces metal knife with laser knife, and then matches with scientific and reasonable mechanical design, achieves cutting speed of more than 40 meters/minute, and runs smoothly, the incision is fine and clean, the function is powerful, thus solving many difficult problems faced by computer embroidery, clothing proofing and other industries in the production process of using mechanical cutting.


In addition, it is very difficult to carve leather materials with common cutting tools or carve decorative characters or patterns on the surface of leather. Using laser cutting technology, many micro-holes can be carved on artificial leather materials which are hard to be perceived by the naked eye, thus greatly improving the permeability and durability of materials and improving the product grade.