The Importance Of Sports Bras To Female Runners And What Should Female Runners Pay Attention To?

The Importance Of Sports Bras To Female Runners And What Should Female Runners Pay Attention To?


The Importance Of Sports Bras To Female Runners And What Should Female Runners Pay Attention To-Hucai Sportswear

The Importance Of Sports Bras To Female Runners And What Should Female Runners Pay Attention To?

The Importance Of Sports Bras To Female Runners And What Should Female Runners Pay Attention To?

Now more and more women have exercise habits, but only 50% of women will wear sports bras during exercise. Although many runners know sports bras, they do not use them. It can be seen that sports bra, as one of the runner's equipment, has not received widespread attention from runners.

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Why It Is Necessary For Women Runners To Wear Sports Bra?

The strength of the breast is 3 to 5 times its own weight during shaking. For every one kilometer a female runner runs, the breast shakes about 85 meters. According to the intensity of the exercise, the chance of breast injury is about 38%-63%. 


In fact,The breast does not have any muscle tissue to support it.Only the skin and connective tissue which is the fiber bundles connecting the superficial tendon of the chest and the pectoralis fascia support and fix the breast. Therefore, the vigorous shaking of the breast during exercise can easily cause the ligament tissue to lose its elasticity and cause the breast to sag.


Therefore, Whether you are running or doing other sports, Whether it is A cup or C cup, You need to take proper protection of the breast. Ordinary bras are not strong enough to support and protect the breasts during running, which will not only cause the shoulder straps to fall but also cause pectoralis major muscle damage. It is necessary to choose a professional sports bra, which can provide vertical, horizontal and surround comprehensive support for different intensity sports, and protect the soft connective tissue of the breast. At the same time, sports bras often have functions such as quick-drying, breathability, moisture absorption, and avoiding friction to make the running process more comfortable and smooth.


What's Different About Sports Bras?

A suitable sports bra should provide comprehensive support and protection to minimize breast sway. A good sports bra should have the following characteristics:



Sports bras can limit the breast's displacement in all directions. It is not simply to wrap the breasts roughly. During exercise, under the protection of a sports bra, the relative displacement of the breast and the chest is greatly reduced to prevent the breast from being overstretched and damaged during severe shaking.



The material should not be pure cotton. It should be a quick-drying fabric that wicks away perspiration. The stitching of sports bras should be flat.

Suitable for sports. Shoulder straps should fit and not slip and rub against the skin during 3.Exercise:

After wearing a sports bra, there should be no restraint, especially the movement of the shoulders and arms. Generally, the shoulder straps of sports bras are thicker, because too thin shoulder straps can easily make marks on the shoulders during fierce running.


How To Choose Sports Bra?

1.Know what kind of exercise you are doing:


Different types of exercise have different degrees of vibration to the breasts. Generally, low-support sports bras are used for walking; medium-support sports bras for brisk walking and race walking; strong-support sports bras for running.


2.Determine the size of the cup:

The bra model consists of a bra size and a cup size.


3.Determine the type of structure of the sports bra. There are three main types of sports bras:


1) .Compression sports bra. It looks like a sports vest. Relying on the elasticity of the fabric to generate pressure, the breasts are fixed on the chest without separate cup cup compartments. Suitable for low-intensity running and A-cup, B-cup women generally use this style to play a very good protection.


2) .Wrapped sports bra. Similar to everyday bras. With specially designed shoulder straps, the side wings and back structure can share the pressure caused by breast vibration during exercise, which is superior to compression bras in terms of protection and comfort. Girls with medium-impact running and C-cups and above can use this style.


3).Composite sports bra. The structure has both compression and wrapping characteristics, and the strength of the fabric is correspondingly improved. This bra has the strongest support and is suitable for female runners in high-impact sports and cups D and above. If the chest is larger and needs more support, it is best to find a sports bra with wide shoulder straps and straps.


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