The Trend Of Yoga Clothing 2020

The Trend Of Yoga Clothing 2020


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The Trend Of Yoga Clothing 2020
The Trend Of Yoga Clothing 2020

As a yoga clothing manufacturer or yoga clothing distributor,We always need to know the new fashion and try to provide better service for the customers.the The British fashion shopping search platform Lyst recently announced the "2020 Sportswear" report. According to Lyst data, consumers are still very concerned about sportswear this year: Since the beginning of this year, searches for sportswear on the Lyst platform have increased by 59%.

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Shaped leggings are more popular

According to a survey by Lyst, consumer demand for leggings has been high, and searches for leggings on the Lyst platform have increased by 15% since early January this year. The Lyst platform sold an average of 35 sports tights per hour, and the average consumer spending on tights increased by 17% year-on-year.


According to Lyst data, in the past three months, searches for keywords such as "shaping" and "lifting" have increased by 392%. The page views of SPANX, Sweaty Betty and AloYoga branded waist and shaping leggings products have increased significantly.


In addition, consumer demand for high-waisted tight pants is also increasing, and search volume has increased by 65% ​​year-on-year, reaching a record high. At the same time, Lyst also found that consumer demand for bodysuits is also increasing: in 2019, consumer demand for bodysuits and dance clothes has increased by 83%; and since the beginning of January this year, related demand It has increased by 21%. Adidas, ASOS and Free People Movement have launched stretch jumpsuits. Among them, pure black is the favorite color of consumers, with the largest search volume.


Sportswear is more sustainable

According to the Lyst survey, since the beginning of this year, the search volume for sustainable fashion has increased by 75% year-on-year, while the search volume for sustainable sportswear has increased by 151%.


Lyst expects sustainable fashion to continue to heat up in 2020, and environmentally friendly sportswear brands that use recycled plastics, recycled nylon, organic cotton, and recycled polyester fibers will become increasingly popular with consumers.


Lyst found that the search volume for sustainable and recycled sports shoes is also growing, among which the keyword search volume for ECONYL yarns increased by 102% year-on-year; the search volume for Repreve yarns increased by 130% year-on-year; and the search volume for Tencel fibers A year-on-year increase of 42%; while organic cotton search volume increased by 52% year-on-year.


On the Lyst platform, the most searched environmental sports brands are Girlfriend Collective, Adidas x Parley and Outdoor Voices. The fastest growing brand is yoga sportswear brand Vyayama.




Yoga clothing is more popular

Yoga is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people are posting yoga photos on the mobile social application Instagram. Some yoga apparel brands have begun to create new yoga apparel, so that yoga clothes are not limited to fitness places, but also suitable for daily life.


Animal prints, bold patterns and smooth monochrome patterns, and brands such as Lululemon and Beyond Yoga are all sought after by consumers in 2019. Lyst expects this trend to continue this year: Since the beginning of January this year, search volume related to these products has increased by 38%.


According to Lyst data, sales of yoga peripheral products on the platform have increased by 42% over the past two years. During this period, the search volume for "yoga leggings" grew at a rate of 36% per month. More than 32% of sportswear consumers are more concerned about color when choosing yoga clothing. The more popular colors are: light blue, baby pink, lilac, beige and white.




Sportswear is more fashionable

As the line between fitness and daily wear becomes more and more blurred, future sportswear will have both fashion and functionality. Consumers are increasingly demanding tight pants with zippers and pockets. In the past three months, the search volume for Lyst users' pocket tights has increased by 180%, and the search volume for zippered tights has increased by 76%.


In addition, consumer demand for fashionable leggings is also growing. Since November last year, the search volume for black coated tights has grown by 250%. In December of last year, American actress Jennifer Lopez wore a metallic rose gold yoga leggings, and within the next 24 hours, searches for metallic leggings products increased by 33%.


In addition, consumers are paying more and more attention to color matching. In the past three months, the search volume of black, burgundy, and turquoise has increased by 71%; and the bright neon colors have also begun to be popular, pink Search volume increased by 61%, and yellow search volume increased by 55%.


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