What Are The Best Fabric For Men & Women Shorts?

What Are The Best Fabric For Men & Women Shorts?


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What Are The Best Fabric For  Men & Women Shorts?
What Are The Best Fabric For Men & Women Shorts?

As we all know,There are various type of shorts in the market.Some gym wear brand owner may would like to know the classfication and the fabric used for them.As a china wholesale shorts manufacturer,Below we will introduce for you:

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1.Women Yoga Shorts 

A pair of yoga short should be made of 4 way stretch farbic.And usually the fabric is soft and moisture wicking and breathable.Besides,The size should be slightly tight in order to shape the body.Knit nylon spandex blend and polyester spandex blend farbic should be a good choice for this type of yoga shorts.

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2. Women sweat shorts 

Another type of women shorts is women sweat short which can be made of knit fleece,french terry and fleece tech material.It does not have to be tight.Usually it is slim fit or loose fit based on the demand of the customers.The compostion of the fabric can be cotton spandex blend,100%cotton,cotton polyester spandex blend etc.

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3. Women running shorts 
Girls always need a pair of women running shorts so they can wear to do running,sports,workout etc.The fabric use for this type of shorts should be dry fit woven material because the fabric is light weight and can do movement easily.The composition of the material can be light weight polyester spandex blend,100%polyeter,nylon spandex blend.

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 4. Men sweat shorts

Lets talk about men shorts.There are lots of men sweat shorts in the market which is very hot sale.This type of shorts is also made of knit 100%cotton,cotton spandex blend,cotton polyester spandex blend,polyester spandex blend material.And there are also french terry shorts,fleece shorts,fleece tech shorts for you to choice.

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5. Men running shorts 

It is a pair of running shorts which is made of light weight 95%polyester 5%spandex woven material on the left.The fabric is moisture wicking and slight 4 way stretch.Men will be crazy about it when they do gym in the studio.

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