What Is the Process Of Creating My Own Gym Clothing?

What Is the Process Of Creating My Own Gym Clothing?


Are you new in clothing market?No worry,Hucai Sportswear helps you to create your own gym clothing brand successfully

What Is the Process Of Creating My Own Gym Clothing?
What Is the Process Of Creating My Own Gym Clothing?

Are you new in clothing market?Do you happen to find our website and like our products a lot and would like create your own gym clothing brand?Below we are glad to introduce the process of producing your own brand wholesale gym clothing!

1.Pick the designs you like to make


As china one of the top wholesale gym clothing manufacturer,Hucai Sportswear will update their new catalogue twice every year.So you can pick our latest design from our website.Besides,If you have your own ideas,You can make a tech pack of the designs you like to make.Or even,You can just draw a sketch.We will produce 100% according to your specifications.

2.Leave the most efficient way to contact with each other.


It is very important that we can get in connect with each other.Email is a very common way to get in touch with each other.However,Because of the time zone,We can not make sure to respond to you immediately.So It is better that you can also leave a real time contacts such as whatsapp,skype,we-chat.It really helps a lot for us to contact with you as soon as we can.And of course,We will also promise not to disclose your information.

3.Chat with our professional & lovely sales representatives about more details


Once we get your contacts,Our sales representatives will try to contact with you as soon as they can.Here you can get more information about our factory,our products,our price,our moq etc.You can also then order custom samples from them to test our quality.

4.Sample making


We have 5 professional designers and 3 professional pattern maker.Once you confirm the details of the samples,Our sales representatives will place an order to make samples for you.Our patter maker will finish the paper pattern in 3-5 days which our workers can follow and cut the fabric into different panels and our workers can sew the pieces together and finish the samples for you.

Finally,We will ship the samples to you so you can test the quality,size and every other details.

5.Quote the bulk price and mass production


After you receive and check the samples,We will quote the final price for you based on the order quantity.Then we will arrange the the mass production.Usually,We will make 1 piece production sample

before we do mass production.In this way,We can confirm each details about the bulk order before mass production and make sure all are correct.The mass production time is around 35-45 days.



We provide door to door shipping.So once the order is finished by our workers,We will try to find the best shipping method for you from our forwarder.We can shipping by express,by sea,by air.

So we will then provide some options for you to choice.You can choice the best shipping option based on the price,shipping time etc.


Contact information:

E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com