14 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Started With Yoga

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Started With Yoga


14 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Started With Yoga

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Started With Yoga

what I should pay attention to when I practice yoga at the beginning? Then I will give you a popular science about the things you need to pay attention to when practicing yoga, so that you can understand the main points in the process of initial yoga practice.


Yoga can not only be practiced well as long as you persist, and you can achieve the results you want. If you want to practice yoga well, please keep the following 14 items in mind.

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1. Don't do yoga on an empty stomach

Doing yoga after a meal will hinder the progress of yoga practice. In order to allow the body to bend to the specified yoga posture, it is best to finish the meal one hour before the yoga. Eating a banana twenty minutes before yoga can resist hunger without indigestion.


2. Arrive early in the yoga classroom

When you go to the yoga classroom, try to choose to go early, after all, early birds will eat worms. Go ten minutes early, you can spend ten minutes asking the teacher about the problems encountered in yoga.


Arriving early can also give you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the environment and chat with your yoga teacher so that the teacher can better understand your situation.


3. Find the type of yoga that suits you

There are many types of yoga, and not every type of yoga is suitable for you. Each yoga studio provides certain free experience courses. You can experience it first before making a decision.


4. Don't be shy about your figure

The people who practice yoga in the advertisement are all slim, but no matter what a person's waist circumference is, they can practice yoga well. In fact, studies have shown that yoga can help people lose weight and avoid gaining weight.


5. No need to pursue the ultimate

You may have seen people who practice yoga can twist themselves like a twist. But this is only done by yoga ascetics, although this practice works best. But this is not recommended for you to practice.


Even if your body is inherently stiff, through practice, your body will become flexible. In addition, you have to know that yoga is not just a few poses, but also to adjust your breathing and relax your mood.


6. Don't confuse yoga studio yoga with gym yoga

The practice environment in the yoga studio is quiet and comfortable. Everyone can hold their breath and condense, which can create a peaceful state of mind for practitioners and help alleviate psychological pressure.


The gym environment is relatively noisy. The background music in the lobby, the impact of equipment, the sound of conversation in the rest area, the sound of footsteps in and out, and the sound of the ears, the original calm mind will become chaotic and uneasy.


Their courses are also different. The instructor of the yoga studio is familiar with the physical condition of each student. During the course, appropriate asanas will be arranged for the individual and the exercises will be instructed.


Yoga classes in the gym range from 20 to 30 people to as many as 60 to 70 people. Many people are unfamiliar to the coaches, so they can’t talk about specificity. In most cases, the coaches talk in front. Seeing that the person does not hear his voice, he can only watch the demonstration through the gaps in the limbs. This kind of exercise can only be called tracing the cat and drawing the tiger, and the real benefits of asanas are not obvious.


7. Remember to bring yoga supplies

If you have not purchased a yoga mat, make sure that the yoga classroom provides yoga mats for rent.


In addition, bring some supports, such as blankets, yoga bricks, etc. Blankets can provide beginners with better protection and support during practice, while yoga bricks can help beginners to do certain yoga movements more easily.

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8. It may be a bit monotonous at first

Because I am a beginner, I may practice more repetitive movements, but this also depends on the way the yoga teacher teaches.


If you keep repeating monotonous movements that make you feel unbearable, you can try to add yoga movements that others are learning. In any case, don't put too much pressure, just take a deep breath, relax and maintain a normal mind.



9. Mindset is the most important

Compared with a set of yoga clothes and a professional mat, the most important thing is to have an open and peaceful mind. There should be no distractions when practicing.


10. No need for socks and gloves

Although there are non-slip gloves and socks for yoga on the market, in fact, these are not needed for yoga.


Non-slip gloves and socks will make you feel wrong about the position of the body when practicing yoga postures. In the long term, it will lead to no way to do certain yoga movements reliably, and the effects of yoga practice cannot be exerted.


11. Relieve stress

First, slowly relax your fingers, toes and chin. The blanker your head and the more relaxed your body, the easier it will be to perform the specified yoga movements. It can also make yoga more effective, and on the whole it also makes yoga a pleasant experience. enjoy. In the end, you will also find that the more relaxed you can maintain a posture for longer.


12. Adjust breathing

Yoga classes usually start with breathing exercises, and classes also end with slow, deep breathing.


When you don’t know what to do, focus on exhaling and inhaling. This is the best way to stay calm and help yoga postures.


13. Infant pose is a good partner for beginners

In a yoga class, the teacher may let everyone have different levels of movement, so when some movements are really impossible, don't panic, you can try to do a lighter baby pose.


When the breathing is not smooth, you can also try to do the baby pose to adjust the breathing.


14. Don't be misled

In order to prevent potential bodily harm and prevent being misled, it is necessary to choose professionals with professional qualification certification and rich expmonotonous at firsterience.

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