6 Major Trends In Sportswear In 2021

6 Major Trends In Sportswear In 2021


6 Major Trends In Sportswear In 2021

6 Major Trends In Sportswear In 2021

1.Modern information technology will promote the continuous optimization of personalized customization business

Driven by modern information technologies such as big data and 5G, application technologies such as smart manufacturing will become more mature, and personalized customization services will continue to be optimized to meet the public's inner needs for self-expression and individuality.


2.The trend of youthfulness and personalization is becoming more and more obvious

Currently, young consumers are gradually becoming the main consumer. The high-end and low-end consumer markets have grown steadily, while the middle market has gradually shrunk. At the same time, consumers' consumption concepts have changed, consumption has become more rational, and consumers have become younger, more individualized, and internationalized, paying more attention to product quality and meeting individual needs. This provides a good opportunity for the rebranding and rebirth of apparel companies


3.The rise of market segments

The development of the clothing industry is affected by various social factors.

For example, the "running economy" has brought about an increase in the performance of sports brands;

The implementation of the "comprehensive second child" policy has accelerated the development of the children's clothing market;

The increase in people's attention to intimate clothing has brought the development of underwear brands

The fiercely competitive market conditions have made market segmentation inevitable. For the apparel industry to develop, it must make adaptive adjustments to the market segments, and make arrangements in advance to seize opportunities and break through the current bottlenecks.


4.Integration of online and offline channels

With the development of e-commerce in the past few years, the dividend period of e-commerce may be coming to an end. Compared with physical stores, e-commerce requires huge promotion costs, as well as website operating costs, labor costs, etc. These costs add up to the cost of opening a physical store, and even shopping malls in many areas are gradually declining. The channels of the apparel industry are not limited to online or offline, but should be integrated. For example, Uniqlo has launched a model of online and offline, the same price at the same price in the early years, guiding consumers not to be limited to online consumption.


5.The self-media era is a foregone conclusion

The trendy new crowd composed of the post-90s and post-00s has a high dependence on the Internet. The paper media

Such traditional media channels can no longer attract their attention. On the contrary, the rapid rise of social networks is the most effective way for brands to target young audiences vertically. Many consumers will choose to follow the advice of Internet celebrities, whose opinions may be more truthful to them than traditional company advertisements. As for the clothing industry, clothing advertising must shift from advertising to pleasing customers, and pleasing customers with heart will become the key point. Brands or terminal stores can become self-media, build their own communities, interact with customers in multiple directions, and form customer loyalty.


6.Intelligent manufacturing empowers industrial upgrading

With the continuous progress of 5G, AI and other technologies and the vigorous promotion of the government and associations, the industry is moving in the direction of green and intelligent development. By combining the Internet of Things and AI technology, apparel companies can realize intelligence in all aspects of the company and improve the level of intelligence of the company. For example, in terms of production, after the IoT sensor obtains equipment information, AI technology analyzes the equipment data in real time and discovers potential equipment problems, so as to give early warnings or automatically adjust production volume to reduce equipment operation risks


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