What is Recycled Fabric?

What is Recycled Fabric?


This article will tell you what is recycled fabric.

What is Recycled Fabric?
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In the daily life of human beings, the waste of resources is causing more and more environmental damage.


Clothing and fabrics are a key part of human daily life. In addition to providing for our daily needs, clothing also expresses our personality and culture. As human beings demand more and more function, style and quality from clothing, more resources are used in their production. According to incomplete statistics, millions of tons of discarded PET bottles cover the surface of the earth every year, and over nearly one billion pieces of clothing are discarded. This is a very exaggerated number, but it is a real occurrence.


What if we could use this waste to produce clothes? Existing human technology can already successfully produce recycled fabrics. This not only enables the secondary use of materials and saves resources, but also contributes to the earth's environmental protection.


So, what is recycled fabric?

Recycled fabric is a fabric made from waste materials, washed and reprocessed, and then made into new yarns and fabrics that can be used and sold again.


Recycled fabrics are divided into two types.


One is fabrics made from recycled fabrics or garments.

To properly recycle garments, the different fiber types need to be separated into different types of materials. Textiles must first be sorted by application, then by fabric type, and then by color.


Once sorted, the textiles are mechanically shredded to produce a fiber that can then be made into a new fabric. The yarn is washed, sometimes mixed with other fibers, and then re-spun ready to be woven or knitted into new items.


Second, fibers and fabrics are made from other waste materials such as plastic bottles or food waste.

Recycled fabrics can also be made from other waste materials. These materials go through a variety of different processes that may include collection, sorting, washing and drying, followed by processing and manufacturing.


One of the most common is the use of recycled plastic bottles. Many brands use this fabric in their products instead of virgin polyester.


Of course, many processes are required in these processes and recycled fabrics are evolved utilizing technology, which is the power of environmental protection and the technological progress of mankind.


Hucai Sportswear is responding to the call for environmental protection, and we are actively using recycled fabrics in the production of sportswear. If you are looking for a reliable apparel manufacturer, we have a wide range of different recycled fabrics for you to choose from. We hope to work with you to make a joint effort to protect the environment for our planet. 

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