What's unique about custom sportswear - What's the difference between DTG and Heat-transfer?

What's unique about custom sportswear - What's the difference between DTG and Heat-transfer?


If your design needs to show complex and large areas of pattern, DTG may be a more suitable choice, especially if the budget allows. For a small Logo or a more limited budget,Heat-transfer is an affordable option.

What's unique about custom sportswear - What's the difference between DTG and Heat-transfer?
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When customizing sportswear, choosing the right printing technology is crucial. DTG and Heat-transfer are two common techniques, and they each have unique advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the differences between them is crucial when choosing the right process for your design.



High level of image detail: DTG is able to accurately render the details of an image, allowing intricate designs to appear true to life.

Suitable for large print areas: Direct print is suitable for large patterns, making it ideal for situations where a design needs to be displayed throughout the entire garment.

Durable: The pigments in direct printing are usually better able to penetrate the fabric, making it relatively durable and long lasting.

Higher cost: Compared to iron on, direct prints are more expensive to produce, especially for large designs.

Not suitable for small designs: For small designs, direct printing may not be able to show its finesse.

Relatively low cost: Heat-transfer is relatively more economical, especially for small area pattern, its production cost is relatively low.

Suitable for small designs: For small logos or delicate designs, hot stamping is an ideal choice to maintain the details of the pattern.

Unique texture of hot stamping: Hot stamping has a unique visual texture that can add color to the design.

Not suitable for large-area patterns: Ironing is less capable of presenting large-area patterns and may not achieve the desired effect.

Easy to peel off after drying: Long time high temperature drying may lead to peeling off of the ironing, so extra care is needed on heat sensitive fabrics.

3.Comparison and Choice

When choosing between DTG and Heat-transfer, you need to consider the specific requirements of your design and your budget. If your design needs to show an intricate and large pattern, DTG may be the more appropriate choice, especially if your budget allows. For small logos or more limited budgets, Heat-transfer is an affordable option that can also add color to the design.

Overall, both direct printing and Heat-transfer have their own unique features, and choosing smartly according to specific needs will make your sportswear design more outstanding and unique.HUCAI has perfect crafting technology and mature craft supply chain, please contact us to clarify your needs and budget, and HUCAI will provide you with the best customized solutions.

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