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Are there any new fabrics for HUCAI's 2024SS women's sportswear?

I am glad to tell you the answer is yes. Our new spring/summer 2024 sportswear development work incorporates the latest trends and our unique design concepts to develop a wide range of fashionable and cost-effective fabrics for sports brands, providing you with an unrivaled selection of sportswear to purchase.Below are some of the new fabrics we can introduce:1. Imitation denim textured fabric-JA230813This sports bra is made of imitation denim texture fabric, with strong wear resistance, imitation denim print + yoga fabric, fashionable while still maintaining a professional yoga clothing experience. 2. Imitation denim washed and faded fabric-JA230909This sports bra is selected comprehensive high elasticity fabric, sweat absorption and breathable, high elasticity close to the body, comfortable with the body. The unique washing process increases the sense of fashion. 3. Terry cloth fabric-JA230911This bra is selected cotton terry cloth, soft and lightweight, comfortable and breathable. It can be moisture absorption and drying to ensure comfortable wearing, which is the ideal fabric for summer sportswear. 4.Bubble net fabric-JA230913This sports bra selected translucent three-dimensional bubble mesh fabric, interesting texture, high elasticity, breathable and comfortable. Lightweight and breathable fabrics, combined with meticulous tailoring, make the bra perfectly fit the body. Our new Spring/Summer 2024 Women's Sportswear New Collection is designed to better serve our customers and develop newer and more fashionable sportswear for them. Adding fashionable, comfortable and functional sportswear options for sports brands. Need to know more 2024SS women's sportswear, please contact us to create your exclusive branded sportswear.

How can I get product recommendations and hot styles for the peak selling season?

Answer: You can check the latest sportswear recommendations in the new product group on our website, or contact our sales team to get product recommendations and hot styles for the peak selling season. We will provide professional advice based on market trends and your needs to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Does HUCAI have the latest catalog book recommended?

Does HUCAI have the latest catalog book recommended? How many times a year will HUCAI update the sportswear?Answer: Yes, we always keep the catalog book of sportswear updated. In order to better match the sales season of our customers, we will launch two seasons of the latest models of sportswear in a year, which are the new spring and summer models in October and the new fall and winter models in March. You can contact our sales team at any time for the latest catalogs and recommended payments to meet the market's fashion needs.

I am a sports brand, when is the best time for me to place an order?

I am a sports brand, when is the best time for me to place an order?Answer: In order to ensure timely stocking and smooth delivery, as well as to help you better promote sales, HUCAI suggests that: if you choose express transportation, a month and a half before the peak season is the best time to place an order; if you choose sea freight, you should place an order 2.5 months in advance, which helps HUCAI to arrange for production in advance and avoid inventory shortages, and it also helps to let you adapt to the market in advance of the peak season and better match your sales rhythm. This will help HUCAI to arrange production and avoid stock shortage in advance.

What is the difference between DTG and Heat-transfer process for customized sportswear?

1.Direct PrintingAdvantages:High level of image detail: Direct print is able to accurately render the details of an image, allowing intricate designs to appear true to life.Suitable for large print areas: Direct print is suitable for large patterns, making it ideal for situations where a design needs to be displayed throughout the entire garment.Durable: The pigments in direct printing are usually better able to penetrate the fabric, making it relatively durable and long lasting.Disadvantages:Higher cost: Compared to iron on, direct prints are more expensive to produce, especially for large designs.Not suitable for small designs: For small designs, direct printing may not be able to show its finesse.2.Heat-transferAdvantages:Relatively low cost: Hot stamping is relatively more economical, especially for small area pattern, its production cost is relatively low.Suitable for small designs: For small logos or delicate designs, hot stamping is an ideal choice to maintain the details of the pattern.Unique texture of hot stamping: Hot stamping has a unique visual texture that can add color to the design.Disadvantages:Not suitable for large-area patterns: Ironing is less capable of presenting large-area patterns and may not achieve the desired effect.Easy to peel off after drying: Long time high temperature drying may lead to peeling off of the ironing, so extra care is needed on heat sensitive fabrics.3.Comparison and ChoiceWhen choosing between direct printing and Heat-transfer, you need to consider the specific requirements of your design and your budget. If your design needs to show an intricate and large pattern, direct print may be the more appropriate choice, especially if your budget allows. For small logos or more limited budgets, hot stamping is an affordable option that can also add color to the design.

Are there any benefits of being a VIP customer of HUCAI?

I am glad to inform you that as our customer, you are absolutely enjoying the advantages of purchasing.First of all, I would like to inform you how to become our VIP customer and what are our VIP customer criteria?VIP customer standard.1. Purchase orders of 500 pieces or more  2. Order more than 5 times a year3.The order amount is more than 1 million RMB.So what special benefits and different services can you get when you become a VIP customer of HUCAI? Will there be any benefits of purchasing sportswear?1.Free sample making.2.New product design for two quarters of the year, VIP customers have the right of priority ordering.3. One-to-one service of design team and business team, there will be a specialized business team (salesman, business team leader, business manager) to follow up your needs, so that your design ideas are perfectly presented to the version of the list and order.4. Priority scheduling production and delivery, 5-10 days ahead of normal orders will be the production time and delivery time.

What is the GRS certificate?

What is the GRS certificate? The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) was originally developed by Control Union Certifications in 2008 and transferred ownership to the Textile Exchange on January 1, 2011. requirements.Our eco-friendly fabrics have this certification, so you can be assured of the quality of our fabrics.Contact information:E-mail:

If i need some desgin on the leggings, what’s the price?

If i need some desgin on the leggings, what’s the price? Price of basic leggings plus design like stitching and pockets are as followed (including printing).Basic leggings (spandex+polyester) + stitching + pockets is about $7-1587% Nylon + 13% Spandex + stitching + pockets is about $8-1575% Nylon + 25% Spandex + stitching + pockets is about $9-16Contact information:E-mail:

What are the price of different fabrics of leggings?

What are the price of different fabrics of leggings? The main impact on the price of leggings is the fabric and style, different fabrics lead to different functionalities. The most used fabric for leggings are polyester, spandex , nylon. The prices are as followed (including printing).Price of Basic leggings (spandex+polyester) is about $5-1387% Nylon + 13% Spandex is about $6-1475% Nylon + 25% Spandex is about $7-15Contact information:E-mail:

If I need some printing on the basic sports bra with zipper, what is the price?

If I need some printing on the basic sports bra with zipper, what is the price? If you need digital printing, screen printing, silicone heat transfer etc with center front zipper. Then the price will be about $7-16.Contact information:E-mail:

What is the price of the basic sports bra?

What is the price of the basic sports bra? Ordinary basic sports bra we will mainly use polyester and spandex . The same basic sports bra, prints and fabrics are not the same, the price is different. And the most basic sports bra price is about $5-13.Contact information:E-mail:

Can you customize rubber bands?

A:Can you customize rubber bands?B:If you need to order rubber bands, the number of orders must be 200 pieces or more, and only one style of rubber band.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail: 

Required Information For Placing An Order

Before you place an order, there are some details about the order that you need to know1.100 pieces order requirements.100 pieces of one style, at least 2 styles from, each section within 4 sizes, each style printing size can only have 1 size.A: new customers: the delivery period is 40 days (Delivery time for one outgoing process only.If there are multiple, additional time is required)B: old customers: the delivery period is 50 days (Delivery time for one outgoing process only.If there are multiple, additional time is required)2. About 200 pieces from the order requirements.200 pieces / styles/ 2 colors, each style within 6 sizes, each style printing size can only have 2 sizes.A: delivery: the delivery period is 35 days (Delivery time for one outgoing process only. If there are multiple, additional time is required)As one of the best custom sportswear suppliers in China,  Hucai has been focusing on producing high quality custom sportswear for its customers. Hucai offers a one-stop  sportswear custom design service to help brands enter the sportswear market at the fastest speed. If you have any  questions, welcome to consult, we will have a professional salesman for one to one answer. Contact information:E-mail: 

Why Is Polyester Spandex One Of The Best Choices For Fitness Apparel?

Why Is Polyester Spandex One Of The Best Choices For Fitness Apparel? To ensure that business owners choose to support your favorite fitness apparel, Hc sportswear has some experiences that we would like to share with you: for example, why is polyester spandex fabric one of the best choices for fitness apparel? Let's take a look. In fact, polyester is known to be a popular choice for top athletic apparel manufacturers. It is lightweight, wrinkle-free, long-lasting and breathable. On top of that, it offers high strength, durability and amazing insulating properties. Spandex is another material that is most commonly used in sports and fitness apparel. It has superior high elasticity, which makes the clothing flexible and comfortable during strenuous exercise. In addition, it wicks sweat quickly, breathes and dries, and in short, it's a great choice for an inexpensive, feature-rich, malleable material.Okay, okay, I know they're both great materials. So what are the advantages of combining the two of them?a. Good stretchability, not easily deformed, and no wrinklingb. Soft and smooth hand feel, good elasticity, comfortable to wear fitc. Good durability, good dyeability, and not easy to fade Want to know more about the fabric of custom fitness wear? Stay tuned to Hucai, which is recognized as one of the best wholesale custom fitness apparel manufacturers. In addition, it will offer a large number of attractive women's and men's collections, including sports bra, Tank Top, T-shirt, hoodie, jacket, shorts, leggings and so on. Hurry up and contact us for more details!  Contact information:E-mail: