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Can you provide eco-friendly fabrics?

Can you provide eco-friendly fabrics? Of course, as a sportswear manufacturer that supports the use of environmentally friendly fabrics, we can provide a wide range of environmentally friendly fabrics for you to choose from. For example, recycled polyester, recycled cotton and recycled nylon among recycled fabrics, and organic cotton and organic linen among organic fabrics. Besides, we can also customize eco-friendly fabrics according to your needs.Contact information:E-mail:

Can I print my brand logo on the clothes?

Q:Can I print my brand logo on the clothes?A;Of course you can, we support a custom service. However, before printing you will need to provide a pdf file of your logo, the higher the resolution of the logo the better.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail: 

What is the cost of the sample shipping?

A:What is the cost of the sample shipping?B:Our samples are mainly delivered by DHL, the price varies according to the DHL region and there are additional fuel charges.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail:

I submitted an inquiry, when will you respond?

Q:I submitted an inquiry, when will you respond?A:Due to the time-lag, we sometimes can't get back to you right away.But we will reply to you as quickly as possible, usually taking 1-2 two business days. If you haven't received a reply, you can contact us directly via WhatsAppFor more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail: