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What are the logistics methods provided by HUCAI? What are the timeframe and price?

Q1: What logistics methods do you provide?A: We provide a variety of logistics methods, including express delivery, air delivery and ocean freight to meet the needs of different customers.Q2: What are the time and price for express delivery? What are the benefits to me?Timeframe: 5-7 daysPrice: 40-55RMB/kgAdvantage: Provide fast and reliable transportation service, suitable for orders with high time requirements, able to ensure timely delivery, bring you door-to-door service without additional cumbersome steps, convenient and fast.Q3: What are the timeliness and price of air delivery? What are the benefits to me?Timeframe: 10-12 daysPrice: 35-45RMB/kgAdvantage: Air dispatch is a cost-effective transportation method, suitable for orders with a certain time margin. The price is relatively low, which can effectively reduce your logistics cost while reducing certain time cost. Door-to-door service eliminates intermediate links, simplifies the process and improves efficiency.Q4: What are the timeliness and price of sea transportation? What are the benefits to me?Timeframe: about 30 daysPrice: 12-18RMB/kgAdvantage: Sea freight is the most economical way of transportation, which is suitable for large volume orders. Although the timeframe is relatively long, the door-to-door service still ensures you the convenience of receiving your goods, while bringing significant cost savings in terms of price.Different logistics methods affect timeframe, price and mode of transportation. Customers can choose based on the urgency, budget and volume of their order to optimize logistics. Whether customers focus on timeliness, cost-effectiveness or bulk transportation, HUCAI can provide the most suitable logistics solutions to meet their different needs. Our goal is to provide customers with the most flexible and efficient logistics services to ensure the smooth delivery of orders.

Can you provide eco-friendly fabrics?

Can you provide eco-friendly fabrics? Of course, as a sportswear manufacturer that supports the use of environmentally friendly fabrics, we can provide a wide range of environmentally friendly fabrics for you to choose from. For example, recycled polyester, recycled cotton and recycled nylon among recycled fabrics, and organic cotton and organic linen among organic fabrics. Besides, we can also customize eco-friendly fabrics according to your needs.Contact information:E-mail:

Can I print my brand logo on the clothes?

Q:Can I print my brand logo on the clothes?A;Of course you can, we support a custom service. However, before printing you will need to provide a pdf file of your logo, the higher the resolution of the logo the better.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail: 

What is the cost of the sample shipping?

A:What is the cost of the sample shipping?B:Our samples are mainly delivered by DHL, the price varies according to the DHL region and there are additional fuel charges.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail:

I submitted an inquiry, when will you respond?

Q:I submitted an inquiry, when will you respond?A:Due to the time-lag, we sometimes can't get back to you right away.But we will reply to you as quickly as possible, usually taking 1-2 two business days. If you haven't received a reply, you can contact us directly via WhatsAppFor more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail:

Is the sample fee refundable?

A:Can I get a refund for the sample fee?B: If the number of orders is less than 300 pieces, the sample fee will not be refunded. For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail: 

How Long Is The Delivery Time For Your Samples?

How long is the delivery time for your samples?A: Old customer: 10 working days (working days for foreign trade department)If there are more than two kinds of processes, each process needs 4 more working days. B: New customer: 13 working days (working days for foreign trade department)If there are more than two kinds of processes, each process needs to add 4 more working days.For more information,please contact us!  Contact information:E-mail:  

Is It Possible To Pay With Pay Pal?

Things to know about pay pal payment Of course you can pay with pay pay.But if you use pay pal to make payments, you need to know the Following things1.3.9% handling fee for USD 200 and above2.2.8% handling fee for over $10003.Over 2000 USD, if the money is frozen, the money can not be returned, production will be stopped and the customer is responsible for the consequencesFor more information,please contact us!   Contact information:E-mail:                                                                                                                                                                                 

Can You Help Me Develop Some New Gym Wear Series?

Can You Help Me Develop Some New Gym Wear Series? When you are browsing our website, find that you do not have the style you want and want to develop some new customized gym wear collection. Would you like to know if we can help? The answer is absolutely. In fact, Hucai Sportswear's customization capabilities are real. This differentiates us from our competitors, we focus on manufacturing, but we also keep up with trends and add new elements. We update the wholesale gym clothes catalog twice a year. If you have any requirements, please contact us for the latest trend. If you see a fitness apparel somewhere and want something similar, or if you're a designer yourself and want to showcase your product, please contact us now! However, there are a few things to consider: First of all, time... Due to the complexity of product development, we can only give you an estimated time after you contact us and place an order request. Generally speaking, samples can be developed within 12 days. Secondly, the cost... If it is unique and there is no similar product on our site, we would like to develop it for you. However, if the product is slightly different from what we have now, we will specify a MOQ (usually 200 pcs). Last but not least, copyright... We do not engage in copying or infringing the legitimate rights and interests of any well-known brands. If you are unsure about infringement, please contact us for details. Whatever your thoughts, Hucai Sportswear is here to help. Contact information:E-mail:

What Customized Services Can You Provide?

HuCai is a sportswear custom wholesaler integrating industry and trade. We can provide customized sportswear fabrics, private brand logos, sportswear styles, colors, sportswear sizes, sportswear brand labels, sportswear outer packaging, built-in greeting cards Wait. Contact information:E-mail:

What Is The Production Capacity Of The Factory

Our company is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, China. It is a professional sportswear wholesale manufacturer. Relying on Humen's clothing manufacturing resources, it has sufficient raw materials for sportswear production. And our company has about 100-200 employees, of which two-thirds of the sportswear manufacturing workers can produce 30,000-50,000 sportswear per day, which shows that our production capacity is very strong. Our various automated machines cooperate to make sportswear,can help each brand to get their own sportswear products the fastest.As one of the best custom sportswear suppliers in China,  Hucai has been focusing on producing high quality custom sportswear for its customers. Hucai offers a one-stop  sportswear custom design service to help brands enter the sportswear market at the fastest speed. If you have any  questions, welcome to consult, we will have a professional salesman for one to one answer. Contact information:E-mail: